Resource | 04/24/2018

White Paper: How Sensors are Moving Material Handling Towards Safe Automation

Next Generation Sensing Technologies put the SMART in Robot AGVs

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Resource | 02/04/2020

White Paper: How the GigaFuse Helps Maximize Safety in Advanced Battery Systems

- By Markus Beck, Sensata Technologies

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Resource | 08/22/2017

White Paper: How to Solve the Challenges of Using Natural Refrigerants in Cooling System Design

The use of natural refrigerants is on the rise, creating a new set of challenges for cooling system design.

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Resource | 06/26/2019

White Paper: Improving the Efficiency and Reliability of Water Systems with Variable Speed Pumps and Pressure Sensors

What Do Design Engineers Need to Know about Water Distribution Systems in High Rise Apartment Towers and Office Complexes

- By Dan Mullen, Sensata Technologies

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Resource | 06/13/2018

White Paper: What Design Engineers Need to know about VCA (Voice Coil Actuator) Technology

Voice coil actuators (VCAs) are emerging as an extremely valuable solution for many precision motion applications.

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Resource | 06/20/2018

White Paper: What do Industrial Engineers need to know about Functional Safety

How Functional Safety can improve product reliability, reduce manufacturing downtime and expand your market.

-By Scott Orlosky and Jean-Marc Hubsch, Sensata Technologies

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Resource | 07/03/2018

Why Use Solid State Switching Technology? Brochure

What is a Solid State Relay / Contactor?

A Solid State Relay or Contactor (SSR or SSC) is an electronic component that switches Power (AC or DC current) to a load circuit and provides ele

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Resource | 03/09/2018

Wireless Industrial Sensor Interface Brochure

A secure robust wireless interface with built-in reliability needed for real-time industrial control.

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