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Encoder Installation Accesories 101

Encoders are vital components in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Installing an encoder correctly in these particularly demanding applications can mean the difference between a world of headaches and one that is problem free. In this training we review types of installation accessories and how they can benefit the encoder or application.

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Encoder Signal Accesories & Modules 101

Overtime, application requirements can change and encoders have to either provide more or different information, or distribute their data more widely. Encoder Signal Accessories can provide an easy and reliable solution to the changing needs of applications. This training will review types of encoder signal accessories and how they can help benefit applications.

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Circuit Breakers 101

Find out more about Sensata's portfolio of best in class circuit breakers, how they function and how they serve a wide variety of applications across multiple industries.

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Solid State Relays 101

Sensata's Solid State Relays come in a variety of configurations and packages to best suit the needs of many applications. Check out how Sensata's SSR families offer the best in performance, quality and support (in this video).

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Position Sensors 101

Check out Sensata's Position Sensor portfolio, types of position sensors we offer, what kind of position sensing our breadth of products specialize in as well as a few application examples.

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Pressure Sensors & Switches 101

This course provides detail on what Sensata's pressure sensors and switches are, how they work and how they excel in a multitude of application. Check out some examples here.

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Temperature Sensors & Switches 101

Find out how Sensata's Temperature product portfolio offers some of the best in quality and performance, even in the harshest and most demanding environments. This video dives deep into specific applications and how our temperature sensors and switches are the perfect solution across various industries.

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Joysticks & Rockers 101

Sensata specializes in producing industrial grade joysticks and rockers, designed to withstand harsh environments and provide a safe setting for operators. Check out this video for more information on Sensata's Joystick and Rockers portfolio and examples of how our products provide precise operation in many applications.

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Solid State Relays in Commercial & Transportation Refrigeration

Commercial and Transportation Refrigeration can be a challenging application to design. There are many environmental and maintenance barriers that are present in the application. In this video we talk about how Solid State Relays can help alleviate those issues. We talk about what Solid State Relays are, what benefits they bring to refrigeration applications, and application examples on how Solid State Relays helped overcome barriers.

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Functional Safety 101

Functional Safety is a concept that is becoming more prevalent in industrial markets. End users want their product or application to be more safe and to have a low probability to fail. This brief video covers the basics of functional safety including: what it is, how it can improve efficiencies, and some application examples.

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HVAC Chiller & Boiler Solutions 101

Sensata provides many individual solutions that work together in HVAC chiller and boiler applications. This video dives into each main product line we provide products for and how each solves a problem within an HVAC Chiller or Boiler.

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5024 101

Sensata is proud to introduce the 5024 series. This is a new temperature sensor that excels at measuring high temperature applications in demanding environments. In this video we will walk you though what the 5024 is, how it was developed, what value it brings, and some application examples.

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P1J 101

This video introduces the P1J Series, recently added to our Pressure portfolio. This training session walks through the trends that lead to its development and how it helps customers solve design barriers.

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116CP 101

This video introduces the 116CP Series, recently added to our Pressure Portfolio. The 116CP is an ideal sensor for measuring liquid, vapors and gas in industrial applications in a compact design.

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ACW4 & TCW4 101

In this video, we will walk you through our newest addition to our Hall Effect Sensors line - the ACW4 and TCW4 Series. Both provide solutions for industrial applications that are very compact or sensitive to wear and tear.

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MHM & MHK 101

Find out how Sensata's new digital MHM and MHK Series provides highly precise position sensing solutions and how they measure in a few application examples.

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SIL – Functional Safety Encoder

Learn more about Sensata's functional safety encoders, rated up to SIL3/ PLe Cat 4.

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Signal Modules – Electronic Encoder Modules

Learn more about Sensata's encoder signal modules.

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209 – HVAC Circuit Breaker

Check out Sensata's 209 Series. It’s a hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker designed for HVAC applications.

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DRMS – Hybrid Motor Starter

Check out Sensata's new DRMS series hybrid motor starter, built for small, three-phase asynchronous motors.

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CD120 – Draw Wire Encoder

Check out Sensata's new CD120 series, a draw wire encoder built for industrial applications.

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5024 - EGR Temperature Sensors

Learn more about Sensata's 5024 series, a temperature sensor designed for harsh industrial applications.

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Commercial Beverage Systems Solutions

Commercial beverage systems have become smaller overtime and their need for higher efficiency and more automation has increase as well. Sensata provides many component solutions that help designers with all three aspects. In this video we will cover some of the trends commercial beverage systems are seeing as well as the solutions Sensata created to help overcome design barriers.

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