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112CP PT Series Combined Pressure and Temperature Sensor

Pressure: Up to 600psi, 0–5Vdc output
Temperature: 10k or 100k ohm NTC, in stream
Great for refrigerant applications

Customization is available on all of our devices. Please contact Sensata Technologies for more information.

Operation Pressure

The pressure transducer is a 0–5 Vdc output design that requires no end–user amplification. Similar to other Sensata pressure transducers, the voltage output is ratiometric to supply voltage. With a data conversion circuit referenced to supply voltage, accuracy can be maintained regardless of supply voltage variation. In addition, the circuit design includes linearity compensation, providing improved accuracy performance.


The temperature sensor is an NTC thermistor (resistance decreases with increasing temp) with either 10K or 100K Ohm value @ 25C. Unlike other integrated packages, Sensata’s PT Sensor places the thermistor directly in the measurement medium (fluid stream), which provides faster response time and greater accuracy over encased or pipe–mounted thermistors.

HVAC/R Applications

Compressor controls
Subcool or superheat measurement
Home heating boilers

Industrial Applications

Engine load management
Boilers: Power generation and waste heat


Operating Pressure
0–150 psi (10 bar) and 0–500 psi (34.5 bar)
Burst Pressure
Cycle Life
1M cycles
Accuracy (pressure)
±0.75% (linearity, hysteresis, repeatability) vs. ±.013% / °C
Resistive output (10K or 100K Ohms @ 25C) values in table and graph
Operating Temperature
-40°C to +135°C
Supply Voltage
4.5–5.5 Vdc
Output Voltage
1/4" NPT male, or 12mm x 1.25 straight threads/mm (later requires external O–ring) Click for suggested port dimensions.
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112CP Pressure Transducer

Mating connector (mating harness): Pressure Trans. Sensor
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