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CETRAQ Supplier Scoring Converts to iScore Format in 2010

The CETRAQ supplier scoring methodology is converting to a new format called iScore, or "intelligent score".  The new iScore is much more data driven focusing on the major three elements of supplier performance: Cost, Quality, and Delivery.  We are utilizing the databases, TrackWise and Oracle, to provide objective data for the scoring.  Other areas of the iScore allow for points around development, responsiveness, lead time, and financial stability of the supplier.  2009 scoring will be done with the traditional CETRAQ while any new scoring in 2010 and beyond will use the new iScore format.  Site SQE teams are responsible for collecting data, reviewing supplier performance, and creating the supplier's iScore at a minimum once per year.  SQE teams will be working with other global team members, such as CPT, PPM, Design, Quality, Planning, and the broad Procurement team, to finalize the scoring.  iScore assessments will be used in supplier management reviews and in selecting suppliers for new business opportunities.


Gene Golab
VP Procurement
Sensata Technologies
Eric Reidemeister
Quality Director
Sensata Technologies



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