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The World Depends on Sensors and Controls
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Products for Industrial Applications

Industrial Markets

Innovative systems and equipment for manufacturing, industrial, and commercial applications.

Auto Glass Replacement
DC to AC power inverters (Dimensions™ brand)

Battery Protection
2MM Series
YS11 Series

Bimetal Thermostats (Airpax® brand)
4100 series (PDF file)
5003 series (PDF file)
5004 series (PDF file)
5011 series (PDF file)
5020 series (PDF file)
5100 series (PDF file)
6024 series (PDF file)

Hermetic, on-winding HM
Precision thermostats (Klixon® brand)
PTC heater HT
Protector / Starter SP
Refrigeration 4TM
Thermostat 7895

DC to AC Power Inverters - High Voltage (Dimensions™ brand)
Power inverters
Surge suppressors
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Refrigerator motors
Protector / Starter
Start relays 8EA
Hermetic protectors HM
Phenolic external protectors (for smaller models)
Electronic protection sensors and modules
* * *
Thermal circuit breakers
Miniature thermostats

Electric Motors
See motor and rotating equipment applications

Fluid Power
Industrial pressure sensors
Industrial pressure switches

Airpax® quick-action fuses

Ground Fault & Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupters

Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers (Airpax® brand)
205 / 295 / 205D series (PDF file)
209 / 219 / 229 / 279 series (PDF file)
APL / UPL series (PDF file)
IAG / IUG / IEG / CEG series (PDF file)
IAL / IEL / IUL series (PDF file)
IALR / IULR / IELR series (PDF file)
IULP / LELP / CELP series (PDF file)
JAE / JRE / JTE / JLE series (PDF file)
LEG series (PDF file)
LEL series (PDF file)
UP series (PDF file)
* * *
Hygiene & Industrial Air Quality
Airflow sensors

International Standby Power Systems (Export)
Power backup standby systems for outside the United States (Dimensions™ brand)

Pressure Sensors
Pressure sensors

Pressure Switches
Pressure switches

See motor and rotating equipment applications

Rotating Equipment
See motor and rotating equipment applications

Speed Sensors
Airpax speed sensors

Steel Mills
DC to AC power inverters (Dimensions™ brand)

Temperature Sensors
Airpax® temperature sensors

Thermal Circuit Protectors
Electromechanical thermal protection 7AM
Creep-style control thermostat
Fixed temperature thermostat
Miniature protector
Motor protector
Thermal protector
Self-hold thermal protector
The World Depends on Sensors and Controls