After listening, learning and working on an actionable plan to combat racism within the organization and its communities, Sensata has committed to the Tech Compact for Social Justice created by the Executive Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee of the MassTLC Board of Trustees. This compact provides a way for the industry to come together and affect meaningful change.

Sensata Technologies CEO, Jeff Cote, explains:

An inclusive culture is vital to Sensata’s ability to innovate and collaborate. Our participation in the Tech Compact illustrates our commitment to diversity as we focus on constantly doing better. Joining other global companies, with connections to Massachusetts and beyond, we can work together to help affect change. I’m hopeful that this collaborative effort will make a significant impact in increasing diversity at Sensata and the tech industry as a whole.

Sensata as a company actively and avidly condemns racism in all its manifestations and is proud to join other members of the MA tech community in signing the compact to make tech a more diverse, inclusive and socially just place for workers of all backgrounds. Learn more about the compact at