• The new c-BMS24X from Sensata Technologies' battery management brand, Lithium Balance, enables improvements in vehicle range, uptime and battery health and performance for applications with up to 24 cells in series and 2000+A continuous current.
  • Advanced software capabilities such as parallel battery pack connection, battery swapping, better fault tolerance in SoX measurements and prediction and advanced balancing make the c-BMS24X an ideal choice for low voltage EVs, industrial and energy storage applications such as 2-, and 3-wheelers, forklifts, AGVs and mobile and stationary energy storage systems.
  • Sensata will launch the c-BMS24X in stand 10-C10 at The Battery Show Europe from May 23 -25 in Stuttgart, Germany.

SWINDON, United Kingdom, May 17, 2023 – Sensata Technologies (NYSE: ST), today announced the launch of the c-BMS24X, a new compact Battery Management System (BMS) that addresses the latest market needs for industrial applications, low voltage electric vehicles, and energy storage systems.

The c-BMS24X uses advanced software functionality that enables improvements in vehicle range, uptime, battery health and performance in applications up to 24 cells in series and 2000 amps like energy storage systems (ESS), scooters, 3-wheelers, forklifts and AGVs. The BMS will be showcased for the first time at The Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart, Germany from May 23 - 25 at Sensata’s stand 10-C10.

The new c-BMS24X offers advanced capabilities that address the need for improvements in vehicle range, uptime and battery health and performance, such as:

  • Parallel pack capability supports the pairing of up to 10 battery packs in parallel, enabling flexibility in battery design, automatic contactor control to avoid high inrush current, and increased safety through redundancy and more isolated systems within low voltage electric vehicles, energy storage, and other applications.
  • Battery swap support enables the quick and easy exchange of depleted batteries with fully charged batteries in parallel battery packs thanks to powerful software algorithms. The ability to quickly swap batteries eliminates charging time and supports the growing battery swap station infrastructure. This functionality increases vehicle uptime, which is critical for light electric vehicles and lift trucks.
  • Proprietary SoX algorithms improve upon Sensata’s robust Lithium Balance Battery Management Systems and increases battery health and performance via the measurement and prediction of State of Charge (SOC), State of Health (SOH), State of Power (SOP), and State of Energy (SOE) of the battery with a high degree of accuracy, better level of fault tolerance and robustness.
  • Advanced Balancing introduces an advanced approach to typically difficult-to-handle applications and cell chemistries such as LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) and hybrid applications, where determining balancing need is difficult and would normally be less precise the longer the battery has not been through a full charge-discharge cycle.
  • BMS controlled convenience features such as battery heater management and automatic sleep mode for low power consumption in idle state improve the usability of the BMS.

“We are excited to bring the c-BMS24X to the market at Battery Show in Stuttgart as it highlights the added value we bring to customers through our expertise in electrified applications. The c-BMS24X enables a great degree of battery design freedom, eliminates downtime due to battery charging, and provides high precision measurement accuracy using the latest proprietary algorithms from Sensata.” says Justin Colson, Vice President, CES Components & Spear Power Systems at Sensata Technologies.

The new c-BMS24X is built on the proven hardware of Lithium Balance c-BMS24, a compact BMS that can handle 24 cells in series and 2000+ A continuous current.

For more information about the new Lithium Balance c-BMS24X, visit https://www.sensata.com/products/battery-management-systems.

In addition to the new c-BMS24X, Sensata will showcase its critical solutions and components that make batteries and charging infrastructure safer, cleaner, more efficient, and connected, such as contactors, fuses, sensors, and insulation monitoring devices at the Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart, Germany. Visit Sensata’s booth H10-C10 from May 23 – 25 to learn more about the portfolio and new BMS.