We have assembled an impressive collection of capabilities to serve the electrification needs of our customers through both increased investments in organic efforts as well as through acquisitions. Our strategy is to offer a broad range of components as well as subsystems or full turnkey solutions depending on customer needs. Click the sections below to learn more about the relevant components.


Propulsion Agnostic Components

Our propulsion agnostic components are used in all vehicles, whether internal combustion engine or battery electric. For the sake of expediency, many first-generation electric vehicles (EVs) carry over the traditional thermal system with the same pressure sensor. We are also building on our industry-leading tire pressure monitoring systems to serve the unique needs of electric vehicles.

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Electric-Specific Components

We offer a robust portfolio of high-voltage components to meet the increasing needs of electrification requirements. Our differentiated solutions are designed to meet the challenging, mission-critical demands of electric vehicles applications.

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Electric Motor Components

New sensing opportunities are being created every day in order to improve the performance of next-generation electric motors. The pressure, temperature, and rotor position sensors inside the motor help modulate performance, increase in safety, and improve operating efficiency, which also increases vehicle range.

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EV-Upgraded Components

Several systems initially used in internal combustion engine vehicles can be upgraded for greater efficiency in next-generation EVs. We are helping drive these upgrades through enhanced sensor packages that enable better performance.

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High Voltage Junction Box Components

Our high-voltage distribution units are system-level solutions that enable customers to electrify their applications. Our flexible design approach promotes customized solutions even at low volumes.

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