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  • Includes an internal Secondary Current Protection (SCP) option
  • The SCP is designed for short circuit protection similar to a fusible link with the benefit of a resettable circuit breaker feature.
  • Includes a robust plastic design cover with optional cap colors for easy part identification
  • Cooler terminal and cover temperature design
  • Exceeds SAE J553 requirements


Nominal Operating Voltage DC 14V*, DC 24V
Voltage Drop at Operating Current 150 mV Max
Nominal Current Rating 10 to 25 Amps @ 25°C
Operational Temperature Range 40°C to 85°C (Nominal Temperature of 25°C)
Polarity Independent of Circuit Polarity

* The circuit breaker must operate within the range of 9.0 to 16.0 Volts DC. Nominal intended voltage is 14.0 volts DC. Unless otherwise specified, testing by customers should be conducted at 14V DC.