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Part #SFP203MOD

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  • Achieves better than ±1.0 % (typically ±0.5%) accuracy of current measurement 
  • 18µΩ resistance across measurement shunt
  • Resolves currents from mA to 1500 A
  • Isolated front end for “high” or “low” side current sensing and attenuation of system-induced noise 
  • Automotive temperature range of –40 °C to +125 °C  
  • Separate Charge, Discharge, and Total coulomb counters
  • Built-in calibration for current measurements
  • Built-in compensation for resistance dependence of the shunt on temperatures
  • Low power consumption 
  • CAN 2.0B interface 


  • Electric Vehicles
  • Charging Stations


Parameter Value
Shunt value 18 μOhm
Power supply +4.5 ~ +5.5 V
Interface CAN 2.0B isolated,120 Ω terminated
Current measurement range ±500 A continuous / ±1000 A (5 s)
Power consumption < 350 mW
Part Number Voltage
SFP203KIT SFP203MOD module, CAN to USB protocol converter for PC communication, Windows software and cable