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Diameter 1.54”
Height 1.45”
Shaft Size .25”
Weight 3 ounces
Acceleration 200,000 rad./sec. Max
Shaft Load Axial 5lb. Radial 5lb.
Torque Less than 0.5 ounce inch
Bearings Sealed ABEC 3
Mounting Holes 4 Places #4-40 @ 90° on 1.10” B.C.
Servo Mount Designed to accommodate motor mount cleat “PIC type” L2-2
Shaft Coupling Must be flexible (do not hard mount)
Code Incremental
Output Format Dual channel quadrature, min. edge separation 45°
Output Type EX152/EX153 Square wave TTL & CMOS. 16mA sink. 500 μ
A source short circuit protected
Output Type EX156 TTL differential line driver (26LS31) or equivalent should be terminated
into a line receiver (26LS32) or equivalent circuit
Frequency Response See figure 7
Rise Time Less than 1.0 μ sec