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Available in a range of temperature and current sensitivities, the 2AM is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Designed to be mounted on the windings of electric motors and transformers, the 2AM protects against overheating and electrical overloading, offering the highest standards of safety and long term reliability.

The 2AM’s steel case is epoxy sealed and then insulated with a Mylar® sleeve allowing direct mounting on the windings. Robust construction and ability to withstand typical mechanical pressures make the 2AM ideal for installation during the manufacture of electric motors and transformers. Where necessary, additional sealing can be provided to prevent epoxy ingress with specialized impregnation processes.

By adding a customized 3rd lead, the standard device becomes a dual circuit 4AM, ideal protection for dual voltage or dual speed applications. For higher horse power applications, the 3AM provides protection for fault conditions up to 60 Amps. With a range of anticipating heaters matching protector to motor from 6 to 60 Amps and operating temperatures from 90 to 150°C, the 2AM series provides unsurpassed design flexibility for motor and transformer applications.