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  • Protect WYE (Star) wound 3-phase motors from 1 to 6HP. Used in refrigeration compressors, submersible pumps and other restrictive environments.
  • In-line protection in a small, rugged, welded construction. Low profile shape allows for close coupling to motor windings.
  • Hermetic reliability designed for leakage rates less than 1 x 10-9 cc per second of air with 1 atmosphere pressure differential.
  • Klixon® snap-action discs assure positive make and break action and controlled temperature differential.
  • Designed for low and high side pressure applications.


Open Temperature 95ºC to 175ºC (5ºC Increments)
Tolerance ±5ºC
Closing Temperature To Suit Application
Tolerance ±9ºC
Pressure Rating 1600 PSIG
110 Bar