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The KLIXON® 3HM motor protectors are line break automatic reset controls which are wired in series with the motor windings. These protectors are designed to track winding temperatures and respond to changes in line current, which provides protection against the overload conditions listed below:

  • Running Overload
  • High/Low Voltage Locked Rotor
  • High Voltage Light Load
  • High Discharge Temperature



Purpose of Control Thermal Protector for Motor Compressor
Rated Voltage 240Vac
Rated Current 16A Inductive Load, 80A at p/f 0.6
Temperature Range 90°C to 175°C
Ambient Temp. Limits Tmin=0°C / Tmax=200°C
Tolerance on Temp. Open ±5K, Close ±11K
Type of Disconnection Type3C
Pollution Situation Normal
PTI for Insulation PTI600
Enclosure Protection Degree IP00