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  • Over 3 billion sold
  • Compact, miniature size
  • UL, C-UL, DEKRA (ENEC) approvals
  • Individually temperature checked on modern, custom-designed equipment
  • Positive make and break with Klixon® snap–action disc
  • Repeatable temperature performance over life
  • Gasketed steel case suitable for most impregnation processes
  • Current and temperature sensitivity for maximum design flexibility and application
  • Wide selection of leads and insulating sleeves



Rated Voltage 125 Vac / 250 Vac
Dimensions 20.2 x 10.8 x 4.9 mm (including terminals)
Life 10,000 cycles / 8 A / 250 Vac (see approvals sheets)
Maximum Contact Ratings
@ 10K cycles
16 VDC at 20 amps
120 VAC at 22 amps
277 VAC at 8 amps
Open Temperature 70°C to 175°C in increments of 5°C
Temperature Tolerance ±5°C
Differential Temperature 19°C to 54°C, depending on open temperature
Seal High-seal and low-seal gasket material available
Maximum Ambient Temperature Continuous: open-temperature +10°C
Overshoot: 5 minutes at 200°C
Vibration Military standard 202F, Method 204D, Test Condition D (20g peak)
Corrosion Resistance 48 hours at 35°C in 5% salt environment (ASTM B117)
Humidity 95% relative humidity, 40°C: 2 days
Thermal Shock -20°C / +150°C, each for 30 minutes / 5 cycles