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  • Single axis operation
  • Contactless sensing with hall-effect technology
  • Redundant sensing; 2 sensors per axis
  • Life greater than 10 million cycles (without detent option)
  • Integrated temperature compensation
  • Environmentally sealed with potted electronics
  • Customizable haptics and output


Supply Ratings
- System Voltage
- Voltage Range
- Maximum Current
Variant 12V or 24V dc
9V ... 32V dc
75 mA at 24V dc
PWM Output PW2 500 Hz ± 80 Hz
CAN Bus Output J19 SAE J1939
Other Electrical Characteristics EMI 100 V/m Redundant Sensors
Detent Life
>10 million cycles
3 million cycles
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
- 40°C to 85°C
- 50°C to 90°C
Horizontal maximum load
(165mm from pivot point)
1000 N (250lbs)
Vertical load maximum 1000 N (250lbs)
Max Torque (Z-axis) 25 Nm (18,5 ft lb)
Protection Level IP 67
Electronics Protection Fully potted
Lever deflection X/Y max ± 30° (A)
Center null zone ± 1.5°
Weight <860g
Housing Plastic
Boot EPDM (black)
Vehicle Connection Customer Specified