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Part #U900-VR1

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  • 100+ channel IOs
  • Support Analog current & Analog voltage multiplex Input
  • 12 channels PWM with current feedback and closed-loop control
  • 8 channels PWM with current status feedback
  • 2 channel CAN output


System Voltage 12V or 24V DC
Voltage Range 9~36VDC
Operating Temperature -35 °C to 70 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C to 85 °C
EMC EN61326-6-4 EN61000-6-4
Connector Type Qty Connector Brand
J8 J23 J24 J25 C4201WVA-2x2P-V0-WH-GX 4 Changjiang
J1 J2 J3 J6 J201 C4201WVA-2x8P-V0-WH-GX 5 Changjiang
J4 J5 J202 J203 J204 C4201WVA-2x10P-V0-WH-GX 5 Changjiang
J27 DG381S-3.81-02P-14-00A(H) 1 Phoenix
JP1 77311-462K04LF 1 FCI/Amphenol

Note: the connector position refers to customer drawing.

Type Qty Characteristic
Analog input 10 0-5V
7 0-25mA
2 0-15V or 0-25mA
Digital input 35 5VDC/0VDC
16 24VDC/0VDC
Pulse input 1 0-10KHz
Analog input or digital input 2 0-5V
PWM/DI input 3 24VDC@4A
Digital output 1 24VDC@1A
2 5VDC@15mA
PWM output 20 24VDC@4A
24V power output 1 [email protected]
5V power output 9 [email protected]