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  • Extended Operating Life
    • 1 million plus operational cycles
  • Fully Sealed Construction
    • Meets or exceeds IP66/IP67 standards
  • Extended Temperature Range
    • Operating: -40º to +125ºC
    • Storage: -55º to +150ºC
  • High Quality, Rugged Construction
    • Stainless Steel Shaft, Nickel Plated Brass Bushing
  • Wide Range of Configurations (see ordering info) Shaft and Bushing Lengths
    • Linearity (accuracy) Tolerance Limits
    • With or Without Detent Function
    • Total Resistance
    • Custom Options Available



Total Travel (stop to stop) 250 degrees
Stop Strength 1350 Nmm (190 in-oz)
Shaft Pull Out Strength 200N (45lbs)
Shaft Operating Torque 5-25 Nmm (0.7-3.5 in-oz)
Shaft Starting Torque 35 Nmm (5 in-oz) Max.
Cycle Life 1 Million cycles
Detent Life 10,000 cycles
Detent Torque 35-120 Nmm (5-17 in-oz)
Detent Release Position 20 degrees Max.
Electrical Travel 240 degrees
Active Electrical Travel 216 degrees (5%-95%)
PowerRating at 70C 0.25W (derating to 0 at 125C)
Resistance Tolerance ±20%
Linearity, Independent ±2% (Active)
RGV 100% Max.
(Output Smoothness) (0.2%) Max.

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