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  • Fully programmable: The standard sensor provides 15°-360° electrical degrees. Multiple outputs with limited electrical angles up to 360° and temperature compensation are also available
  • Compression molded Neodymium magnets: Provide excellent temperature stability and corrosion resistance
  • Ratiometric analog output or PWM output: Reduced sensitivity to voltage changes
  • Factory programming through connector: Allows for quick turnaround on custom electrical angles
  • Sealed construction: IP66 / IP67, 6-pin I/O interface to Packard Electric Metri-Pack Pull-to-Seat 150.2 Series P/N 12162261 or P/N 12162260 connector; Ampseal 16 - 6 position, P/N 776433-1sealed receptacle housings 2-Row
  • Temperature range: -40° to +125°C standard
  • Operating life: 35M cycles; Over one million cycles at 1kg side load


Range 0° to 360° with no stops/no spring,allowing for continuous rotations*
Spring/Rotor Return Direction Options 0° to 180° with spring return options 1 & 2; 0° to 360° with no spring option 3 (other, custom limited
angles ranges available)
Mounting 2 x 4.5mm Ø on 32mm centers
Shaft 6mm Ø with 4.6mm flat
Termination Metri-Pack or Ampseal
Housing Glass filled PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate)
Life 35 M cycles; 1 M cycles w/1kg side load
Frequency Response 1 kHz minimum
Rotational Torque 0.025 - 0.110 N-m
Weight 35 grams (approx.)

*Different outputs and mechanical range(s) available

Active Electrical Angle 15° to 360° in 15° increments (no spring option). 15° to 165° in 15° increments (spring option)
Input Voltage 5.0 V±0.25V DC
Overvoltage Protection 20V
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection 10VDC
Output Signal 5% to 95% Analog Ratiometric/PWM*
Resolution 12 Bit
Accuracy ±0.6% of full scale at room temperature ±0.9% of full scale over operating temperature range
EMC 100 V/m (14 kHz-1 GHz range)
Input current 18mA maximum per output 36mA maximum total (both channels)
Sealing IP67 and IP69K per DIN 40050-9
Vibration 10G peak, 20 - 2,000 Hz
Humidity 95% RH @ 40° C
Liquid Exposure Salt water, cola, motor oil, ethylene glycol, paint, diesel fuel
RoHS Yes
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +125°C
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +125°C
Shock 50Gs, half-sine pulse, 5 msec duration

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