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  • A full 120 inches (10 feet) of measurement capability.
  • Wire drum is scaled so that one revolution = 1 foot of measurement.
  • Mounting bracket and encoder position can be rotated in 90° increments to accommodate a variety of installation requirements.


Family Resolution* Output Type Electrical Options Termination Available Features
Draw-Wire Assembly
120 inches maximum travel
Aluminum Housing
10 counts per inch to 500 counts per inch ABZC: Two Channels in Quadrature + Index and complements = Std
ABZ: Two Channels in Quadrature + Index
ABC: Two Channels in Quadrature plus complements
Check with factory for other output types.
28V/V: 5 – 28 V in. Vout = Vin
28V/5: 5 – 28 V in. Vout = 5V regulated
28V/OC: 5 – 28 V in. Vout = Open Collector
M18: M18, 10 Pin Connector (used with ABZC)
M18 – 10: M18 Connector with Mating Cable/Connector Assembly, -10 = 10 foot length. Available lengths are 10, 20, 30, and 50 feet.
M16: M16, 7 Pin Connector (used with ABC or ABZ)
M16 – 10: M16 Connector with Mating Cable/Connector Assembly, as above.
SCS-XX: Cable Gland Seal with XX feet of cable. Available lengths (XX) = 10, 20, 30 and 50 feet.
Blank: Standard Termination
B2: Built-in Cleaning Brush for cable
CP: Clevis Termination

*: Programmable resolution, OMNI must use a M18 termination.

Output Signal Type Optical Incremental Encoder in Quadrature with Index
Linearity +/- 0.05% of full scale
Resolution Range of Pulses per inch (Ref ordering block)
Cable Type 0.024” (0.60 mm) diameter stainless steel
Cable Tension 2.9 - 4.0 pounds (13 - 18 N)
Enclosure Material Aluminum
Weight 4.4 pounds, (2 Kg)
Input Current 100mA (no load), up to 160 mA full load
Input Voltage 5-28 Vdc; Vout=Vin
Connector M16, 7 pin Connector
M18, 10 pin Connector
SCS, cable Gland Seal
Mating Connector/Cable 31186-18XX, XX = cable length in feet
Drum Circumference 12 inches (304.8 mm)
Enclosure Protection Rating IP66 with M16 or M18 connector
IP65 with cable Gland Seal
Operating Temperature -20°C to + 85°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to + 85°C
Maximum Velocity of cable 10 m/s
Maximum Acceleration of Cable 7 m/s2

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