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  • Industrial solution,
  • High accuracy,
  • Adapted to harshest environments,
  • Compact conception,
  • Friendly user installation
  • High Ingress Protection : IP67,
  • Measuring range from 0 to 700mm,
  • Recyclable noble material use (RoHS),
  • Usinage dans la masse,
  • Drum mounted on ball bearings,
  • Used rotary sensor: multi-turn potentiometer,
  • Almost-infinite resolution (in function of subsequent electronic).


Range 0 to 700mm
Cable Material Stainless Steel
Housing Aluminum (RoHS)
Cable Diameter 1mm
Cable Tension 7N (Standard 700mm range)
Speed 5 m.s-1
Max Acceleration 20 m.s-2
Weight 1 500g
Operating Temperature -10 to +120°C
Storage Temperature -20 to +125°C
IP (EN 60529) IP67