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The divide by module can accommodate standard operating voltages from 5 to 28 VDC. It should never be connected directly to AC power mains. The module draws approximately 75 mA and a green LED indicates the unit is powered. The divide by module does not provide power to the encoder. Any encoders used in conjunction with this module must be connected to their own power.

Specifying a divide by module requires knowledge of three system parameters: the DC supply voltage available in the system; the encoder output type (logic levels and driver type); and the input signal specifications of the receiving electronics.

Output Code Format From Encoders
Dual Channel in quadrature plus index and complements. Data lines are designated A, B, Z, A/, B/, Z/ at the module.

Output Signal Type From Encoder
Differential line driver (Use Connection Instructions #1)
Single ended line driver (Use Connection Instructions #2)
Single ended open collector with pull-up resistors internal to encoder
(Use Connection Instructions #3)
Single ended, open collector (Use Connection Instructions #3)

Output Signal Voltage Level From Encoder
5 VDC (TTL, RS422 compatible, line driver)
12-15 VDC

Frequency Response of Optical Isolator
1 MHz, maximum

Power Requirements For Optical Isolator
5-28 VDC ±5%, 75mA plus load current

Optical Isolator Output Options
28V/V Line Driver, 100mA source/sink, Vout = Vin
28V/5 Line Driver, 100mA source/sink, Vout = 5V (Derate output current to 50mA with supply voltage > 12VDC)
28V/OC NPN Open Collector, 80mA sink

Protection Level
Supply lines protected against over voltage to 60 volts and reverse voltage

Tristate Outputs
Available as –S Special Feature

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