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Supply Voltage 5 V ± 5% (powered by USB port)
Supply Current 100 mA Max
Input Devices 2 SSI Absolute or 2 Incremental Encoders
Output Format USB 2.0
Note: Encoders powered separately by external supply.
Operating Temperature 0º to 70º C
SSI Absolute Encoder
Input Format Serial Synchronous Interface (SSI)
Clock/Data Signal Levels Differential TTL (RS-422/485)
Clock Speed 100 kHz
# of bits 8 to 32 (programmable)
Incremental Encoder
Input Format A/B Quadrature with Index
Signal Levels 5V, 12-15V, 24V (select in model number)
Signal Input Current 10 mA nom.
Input Frequency Response 1.0 MHz Max
# of bits 8 to 32 (programmable)

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