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Part #60011-001

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  • Broadcasts signals from a single encoder to four independent receivers
  • Signal processing modules (pulse converter, integer countdown, antidither) can be added to each output for additional capabilities
  • Accepts all standard input voltages and types: single ended, differential and open collector
  • Signals are optically isolated for high noise immunity
  • Compact package saves installation costs


Encoder Side
PIN Description Notes
A, A/ Channel A Inputs Input levels consistent with specified value in model number (5 V, 15 V, 24 V).
Signal input current 25 mA nom.
See BEI Optical Isolator Module Applications Guide for single ended and open collector connection diagrams.
B, B/ Channel B Inputs
Z, Z/ Channel Z Inputs
T1, T2, T3 Uncommitted Terminals Non-committed terminals.
Provided for use as connection points for encoder power.


Driver Side
PIN Description Notes
+ V Power supply 5 – 28 VDC
125 mA + load current typ.
Supply lines between driver sections are not connected. Driver must be powered in order to produce an output. Supply voltage need not be the same for different driver sections.
0 V Power supply common
EN Output Enable HI = Output Active, LO = High Impedance Internal pull-up to V+
A, A/ Channel A Outputs Output levels consistent with driver type and supply voltage (V/V outputs).
B, B/ Channel B Outputs
Z, Z/ Channel Z Outputs
Note: Other Broadcaster versions available. Consult Factory Broadcaster Details Part Number Can be used with any Incremental Encoder
5V 4 Opto Isolators 28V/V 60011-001
4 Divide By 28V/V 60011-002
4 Opto Isolators 28V/5 60011-0011
4 Opto Isolators, 3@ 28V/5 and 1@ 28V/OC 60011-068
4 Anti-Dither outputs @ 28V/V 60011-089
15V 4 Opto Isolators 28V/V 60011-010
24V 4 Opto Isolators 28V/V 60011-003
4 Opto Isolators, 2@ 28V/V and 2@ 28V/5 60011-027
1 Divide By @ 28V/V and 3 Opto Isolators @ 28V/V 60011-050
4 Divide By @ 28 V/V 60011-052

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