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Dimensions See Figure 1
Weight 2.0 oz. (Approx.)
Shaft Diameter 0.1247 +0.0000/-0.0003
Shaft Load axial 2 lbs., Radial 1 lb.
Torque starting: less than 0.4 oz. in.
running: less than 0.2 oz. in.
Inertia 3.0 x 10-5 oz. in./sec
Servo Mounting Holes 4 places #2-56 @ 90° on 0.75”B.C.
Servo Mount Designed to accommodate motor mount cleat “PIC type” L2-2
Flange Mounting Holes 4 places .100 dia. through holes
Shaft Coupling must be flexible (do not hard mount)
Code Incremental
Pulses per revolutions (PPR) See “Ordering Options”
Supply Voltage 5 volts ±5% @ 80mA max.
Output Format Dual channel Quadrature and index with complements
(no index on EX112)
Output Type EX116 : Line driver 26LS31 or equivalent should be terminated
into a line receiver
EX112/EX113: Buffer driver 74F365 and 74F368 or equivalent.
(not open collector)
Rise Time 1.0μ sec. max.
Frequency Response See Graph - Fig 3