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  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Ruggedized, well-sealed unit for long life operation
  • Industry standard interfaces make it easy to install
  • Extensive electrical protection reduces damage due to miswiring
  • High noise immunity especially useful in electrically noisy automation environments
  • Selected configurations available in 1 to 3 days shipment (“Express Encoder” option)


Shaft Diameter 3/8” standard (1/4” as special feature)
Flat on Shaft 3/8” Shaft: 0.75 long X 0.03” deep, 1/4” shaft 0.75 X .02 deep
Shaft Loading 3/8” shaft: Up to 40 pounds axial and 35 pounds radial
Shaft Runout 0.0005 T.I.R. at midpoint regardless of shaft diameter).
Starting Torque at 25°C 1.0 in-oz max without shaft seal; 2.5 in-oz max with shaft seal.
Bearings High precision ball bearings, Material: Chrome steel; shielded bearings standard, sealed bearings optional
Shaft Material Stainless Steel
Bearing Housing Die cast aluminum with protective finish
Cover Die cast aluminum with protective finish
Bearing Life 2 X 108 revs (1300 hrs at 2500 RPM) at rated load, 1 X 1010 revs (67,000 hrs at 2500 RPM) at 10% of rated load
Maximum RPM 10,000 RPM nominal, 8000 RPM with 1/2” shaft (see Frequency Response, below)
Moment of Intertia 4.1 X 10-4 oz-in-sec2
Weight 13 oz typical
Code Incremental
Output Format 2 outputs in quadrature, A leads B CCW, 1/2 cycle index , Z, gated with negative B Consult factory for other output formats..
Cyles per Shaft Turn 2 to 80,000 (see table 2)
Supply Voltage 5 to 28 VDC +/- 5%
Current Requirements 100 mA typical +output load, 250 mA (max)
Voltage/Output (See notes)
15/V: Line Driver, 5–15 VDC in, Vout = Vin
28/V: Line Driver, 5–28 VDC in, Vout = Vin
28/5: Line Driver, 5–28 VDC in, Vout = 5 VDC
28/O: Open Collector, 5–28 VDC in, OCout
Protection Level Reverse, overvoltage and line driver output protection diodes
Frequency Response 300 kHz
Output Terminations See Table 1 in the datasheet
Enclosure Rating IP65 Standard with M12 connector or Cable Gland output terminations. (Includes SCS18-M18 option)
Temperature Standard operating temperature -40° C to +85° C;
options available at -40° C to +100° C (Consult factory).
Storage temperature -40° C to +100° C
Shock 100 g’s for 5 msec duration
Vibration 50 to 2000 Hz @ 30grms
Humidity 98% RH without condensation
Type Family Housing Configuration Optional Face Mounts Shaft Seal Configuration Cycles per Turn Number of Channels Complements Voltage/Output Output Termination Location Output Termination Hazardous Area Ratings  Special Features
X = Express (3 days leadtime)
Blank = Standard Leadtime
H25 = Heavy Duty; 2.5” diameter D = Square Flange
E = 2.50 Diameter Servo Mount
G = 2.62 Diameter Servo Mount See dimensions
F1 (Included with Express Encoder H25E housing)
F2 (Available with H25G housing only)
F3 or F4 Blank = None
SS = Shaft Seal (Not available on H25G)
Blank = Shielded Bearing
(Enter Cycles)
See Table 2 in the Datasheet
A = Single Channel
AB = Dual Quad. Channel
ABZ = Dual with Index AZ = Single with Index
C = Complementary Outputs Blanks = None 15/V = 5–15 Vin/out
28/V = 5–28Vin/out
28/5 = 5–28Vin/5Vout 28/O = 5–28Vin/OCout
E = End
S = Side
M12 = MS3112E12-10P
M16 = MS3102R16S-1P
M18 = MS3102R18-1P
C = Pigtail Cable
CS = Cable with seal Cable length specified in inches (i.e. C18 = Pigtail 18” long) See table 1
Blank = None
EX = Intrinsically Safe
NI = Non-Incendive Contact factory for voltage options
S = Special Features specified on purchase order (consult factory) See note 6

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