dc motorBore reduction sleeves allow the user to reduce the bore size down to a size that matches their mating shaft.  The reduction sleeve provides both thermal and electrical isolation of the encoder from the shaft. There is a variety of sizes and materials to allow secure fitting to encoder bore.



Part NumberDescriptionWorks With
9418/EXXBore Reduction SleeveLP35 Series Explosion Proof
9418/H5EBore Reduction SleeveLP35 Series
9418/H6EBore Reduction SleeveLP35 Series
9418/H7EBore Reduction SleeveLP35 Series
9418/H8EBore Reduction SleeveLP35 Series
9418/H8EBore Reduction SleeveLP35 Series
9419/FXX Bore Reduction SleeveMAUX Series
9432/06Bore Reduction Sleeve 6mm accessoryMHK5 Series
9432/08Bore Reduction Sleeve 8mm accessoryMHK5 Series
9432/10Bore Reduction Sleeve 10mm accessoryMHK5 Series
9432/12Bore Reduction Sleeve 12mm accessoryMHK5 Series
9432/12.7Bore Reduction Sleeve 12.7mm accessoryMHK5 Series
9432/14Bore Reduction Sleeve 14mm accessoryMHK5 Series
9432/9.52Bore Reduction Sleeve 9.52mm accessoryMHK5 Series