dc motor

Once the data signals have been generated, there has to be a way to transmit that information to the controller or counter that is going to use that information. Connector mates allow the installer to build a cable/connector assembly that can be used for this purpose. 

To avoid the hassle, or just don’t have a suitable high quality, low capacitance shielded cable available, it is possible to use a pre-made cable assembly.  The most popular options come with an over molded back shell which is UV resistant, forms an environmental seal and provides strain relief. These pre-made cable assemblies come in a variety of lengths for different installation requirements.  They are the perfect complement to a Sensata encoder.



Part NumberDescriptionWorks With
31186-12XXConnector Cable Assembly, M12Incremental Encoders w/M12 connector
31186-14XXCable Assembly, M14Incremental Encoders w/M14 connector
31186-1610M16 7-Pin Connector CD120 Series
31186-1620M16 7-Pin Connector CD120 Series
31186-1630M16 7-Pin Connector CD120 Series
31186-1650M16 7-Pin Connector CD120 Series
31186-1810M18 10-Pin Connector CD120 Series
31186-1820M18 10-Pin Connector CD120 Series
31186-1830M18 10-Pin Connector CD120 Series
31186-1850M18 10-Pin Connector Draw Wire Encoders
31219-14XXConnector Cable Assembly, M14-19Incremental Encoders w/M14-19 connector
31320-K52MMating Cable Assembly HS20 Series
31320-K85MMating Cable Assembly HS20 Series
37048-003-100Cable ReelsIncremental Encoders
37048-003-500Cable Reels Incremental Encoders
60031-101Programming Cable ToolCD120, H25 Omni Series
8230/037Cable Connector Assembly 5M, M23, IP67Incremental Encoders w/M23 connector
8230/356Cable Connector Assembly 5M PVC M12Incremental Encoders w/M12 connector
8230/362Cable Connector Assembly 2M PVC M12Incremental Encoders w/M12 connector
8230/365 Cable Connector Assembly 10M PVC M12Incremental Encoders w/M12 connector
9416/111-8230/200-GM-XXXMating Cable Connector UL PVCIncremental Encoders w/M12 connector
EAP-001Programming CableLP35 Series
MS3106F18-1SConnector MatesCable Connector Assemblies
MS3116F12-10SConnector MatesCable Connector Assemblies
RAL-005-002Cable Connector Assembly 0.5M PVC M12Incremental Encoders w/M12 connector
RAL-010-012Cable Connector Assembly 1M PVC M12Incremental Encoders w/M12 connector
RAL-030-017Cable Connector Assembly 3M, S6 type, IP67Absolute Encoders