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Encoder signal accessories, also referred to as electronic modules, can offer several different signal manipulations depending on the application – this includes signal isolation, division, broadcasting, and more.

These accessories supplement the encoder signal or output by modifying it in some way to overcome challenges faced in an application. To find which part exactly fits the application need we created a matrix that makes it simple to understand what module will get the job done. View our Encoder Modules & Signal Accessories Brochure which helps identify which module an application needs, what signal the encoder is producing currently, and what part number you need to get it to produce the signal the application needs




Part NumberDescriptionWorks With
60001-002Optical Isolator Incremental Encoders
60001-003Optical Isolator Incremental Encoders
60001-008Optical Isolator Incremental Encoders
60001-010Optical Isolator Incremental Encoders
60001-011Optical Isolator Incremental Encoders
60001-012Optical Isolator Incremental Encoders
60004-002Intrinsic Safety Barrier Incremental Intrinsic Safety Encoders
60004-003Intrinsic Safety Barrier Incremental Intrinsic Safety Encoders
60008-00XPower supply for encoders and controllersEncoders and Controllers
60011-001Encoder Signal Broadcaster Incremental Encoders
60011-003Encoder Signal Broadcaster Incremental Encoders
EAR-001 Safety splitter for TTL/RS422 or Sine 1Vpp encoder interfaceSafety Encoders
EAR-002 Safety splitter for HTL encoder interfaceSafety Encoders
EAR-007Splitter for TTL/RS422 or Sine 1Vpp encoder interfaceIncremental Encoders
EAR-008Splitter for HTL encoder interfaceIncremental Encoders
EMDR1-ADAnti-Dither ModuleIncremental Encoders
EMDR1-DBDivide-By ModuleIncremental Encoders
EMDR1-SS, EMDR1-QSDual Encoder USB ConverterIncremental, SSI Absolute Encoders
EMDR3-SPSerial to Parallel ConverterSSI Absolute Encoders
SCC200ConverterMHG-VP, SHG-VP, SHG-VS, SHG-AV Series
SA100-R (Obsolete)Digital DisplayObsolete


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