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Model SPT (Part No. 600-83580) 5 - 28 Vin, 5V TTL out (Line driver 26C31)
Power Requirements Voltage 5V to 328V +/- 5%
Output power 1.5 W max (<150 mA at 5V)
Output signals Differential quadrature signals A, B, A→, B→
Phase angle A to B 90°
Frequency range 0-2 MHz, equivalent to 2ms-1 with 1μm resolution
Reference mark signal Differential reference RM and RM→ As per encoder
Periodic or single point
Enclosure Material Aluminum extrusion
Sealing IP54
Temperature Operation 0°C to 55°C
Storage -20°C to 85°C
9D Connector Pin

Module (female)

RS422 (encoder)

Module (male)

RS422 (control)

1 N/C N/C
2 A A
3 /A /A
4 B B
5 /B /B
6 0V 0V
7 5V supply out 5V - 28 V supply in
9 /RM /RM
Shell Gnd Gnd