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  • Linear Amplified Output
  • High Common Mode Capability
  • Temperature Compensated
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Rugged Design
  • Soot Resistant
  • High Temperature Performance
  • Compatible with Harsh Environments &
  • Exhaust Media


Pressure Ranges 5 PSI Differential range to 50 PSI
Differential range
Proof Pressure 45 PSI Differential (High Side)
30 PSI Differential (Low Side)
Burst Pressure 100 PSI Differential (High Side)
100 PSI Differential (Low Side)
  Electrical Specs
Supply Voltage 5.0 Vdc ± 0.25 Vdc
Supply Current <5mA
Nominal Output Voltage Zero/Null Pressure: 0.5 Vdc
Full Pressure: 4.5 Vdc
Span: 4.0V
Sensing Technology Oil-Filled Capacitive
Main Seal Fluorosilicone or Fluorocarbon
Media Compatibility Exhaust
Operating Temperature -40C to 125C
Typical Accuracy 2%
Response / Start-Up Time 100ms to 140ms at 63% Level
Output Impedance <100 ohms
  Mechanical Specs
Housing Material UItem 2000 Series Plastic
Operating Temperature Range -40C to +125C
  Typical Electrical Connector
Connector Framatone FCI Connector

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