The PTE7300 pressure sensor is the sensing platform from Sensata Technologies offering best-in-class accuracy with excellent mechanical shock resistance and EMC protection to meet the most demanding applications in mid to high-pressure ranges.

Available with a wide range of ports, low power consumption, fast response time, and increased sensor diagnostics capabilities, enable customers to standardize and simplify designs.

Part NumberPressure PortConnectorExternal O-RingPressure Range
PTE7300-14AM-1B010SNG1/4M12 5-pin glass-to-metal-seal FKM0-10 bar
PTE7300-14AM-1B025SNG1/4M12 5-pin glass-to-metal-seal FKM0-25 bar
PTE7300-24AM-1B040SNG1/4M12 5-pin glass-to-metal-seal FKM0-40 bar
PTE7300-14AN-1B010BNG1/45x1 2mm pitch pin to headerFKM0-10 bar
PTE7300-14AN-1B025BNG1/45x1 2mm pitch pin to headerFKM0-25 bar
PTE7300-24AN-1B040BNG1/45x1 2mm pitch pin to headerFKM0-40 bar
PTE7300-14AM-1B016SNG1/4M12 5-pin glass-to-metal-seal FKM0-16 bar
PTE7300-24AM-1B050SNG1/4M12 5-pin glass-to-metal-seal FKM0-50 bar
PTE7300-24AM-1B100SNG1/4M12 5-pin glass-to-metal-seal FKM0-100 bar
PTE7300-34AM-1B200SNG1/4M12 5-pin glass-to-metal-seal FKM0-200 bar
PTE7300-44AM-1B400SNG1/4M12 5-pin glass-to-metal-seal FKM0-400 bar
PTE7300-14DM-0B016SN1/4-18 NPTM12 5-pin glass-to-metal-seal No o-ring0-16 bar
PTE7300-24DM-0B050SN1/4-18 NPTM12 5-pin glass-to-metal-seal No o-ring0-50 bar
PTE7300-24DM-0B100SN1/4-18 NPTM12 5-pin glass-to-metal-seal No o-ring0-100 bar
PTE7300-34DM-0B200SN1/4-18 NPTM12 5-pin glass-to-metal-seal No o-ring0-200 bar
PTE7300-44DM-0B400SN1/4-18 NPTM12 5-pin glass-to-metal-seal No o-ring0-400 bar
PTE7300-14AN-1B016SNG1/45x1 2mm pitch pin to headerFKM0-16 bar
PTE7300-24AN-1B050SNG1/45x1 2mm pitch pin to headerFKM0-50 bar
PTE7300-24AN-1B100SNG1/45x1 2mm pitch pin to headerFKM0-100 bar
PTE7300-34AN-1B200SNG1/45x1 2mm pitch pin to headerFKM0-200 bar
PTE7300-44AN-1B400SNG1/45x1 2mm pitch pin to headerFKM0-400 bar
PTE7300-14DN-0B016SN1/4-18 NPT5x1 2mm pitch pin to headerNo o-ring0-16 bar
PTE7300-24DN-0B050SN1/4-18 NPT5x1 2mm pitch pin to headerNo o-ring0-50 bar
PTE7300-24DN-0B100SN1/4-18 NPT5x1 2mm pitch pin to headerNo o-ring0-100 bar
PTE7300-34DN-0B200SN1/4-18 NPT5x1 2mm pitch pin to headerNo o-ring0-200 bar
PTE7300-44DN-0B400SN1/4-18 NPT5x1 2mm pitch pin to headerNo o-ring0-400 bar

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