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  • Highly configurable
  • High accuracy
  • Stain steel housing
  • Hermetically sealed pressure port
  • Wide temperature range
  • Pressure range from 0 to 250 bar (gage)


Electrical Connection DIN 175301-803A
Pressure Connection G1/4 A, PT 1/4
Pressure Reference Gauge
Operating Temperature -10° to +100°C
Storage Temperature -40° to 125°C


Proof Pressure 500 bar (gage)
Burst Pressure 1000 bar (gage)
Random Vibration 20G
Mechanical Shock 50G
Drop (any Axis) 1m


Output signal 0 to 10 VDC 0 to 5 VDC 4 to 20mA
Operating supply voltage 13 to 33 VDC 8 to 33 VDC 8 to 33 VDC
Overvoltage protection Yes Yes Yes
Short-circuit proofness Yes Yes Not Applicable
Reverse polarity protection Yes Yes Yes
Load ≥ 4.7 k ≥ 4.7 k ≤ (Vsup-8 VDC)/(0.02 A)