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  • Field proven MEMS sensor technology
  • Digital output I2C
  • Low power consumption (8 μA @1Hz )
  • Compatible with natural gas
  • Small and robust plastic package
  • REACH/RoHS/CE compliant


Supply Voltage 2.7/3.3/5 VDC ±10%
Output Digital I2C, 12 bit scaled up to 14 bit
Average Supply Current 8 μA average @1Hz Sample Rate
Active Supply Current 2,5 mA max
Output Response Time 3.2ms (max), power up to output valid
Overvoltage Protection 6 VDC
Reverse Voltage -0.3 VDC
Short Circuit Protection Yes
EMC EN61000-4 Level 2
ESD 4 kV
Radiated Immunity IEC 61000-4-20; 50V/m level
Electrical Connection 4 position FFC connector, gold terminals


Pressure Ranges 0-1 to 0-5 psig (0 - 69 to 0 – 345 mbar)
Typical Operating Range 0.15-1.0 psig (10 - 69 mbar


Proof Pressure 10 psig (690 mbar)
Burst Pressure 70 psig (4.8 bar)
Random Vibration 0.5G, 5-150Hz
Mechanical Shock 100G
Drop (Any Axis) 1m
Humidity 71C, 95%RH
Media Compability Dry Air, Natural Gas, Toluene, Benzene, Iso-octane, Xylene, Stoddard Solution
Sealing O-ring O-ring is supplied by customer with correct material for material compatibility.
O-ring should be sized in accordance with ISO 3601-109


Accuracy @ 25°C (BFSL) +/-1.0%FS, 25°C
Total Error Band Accuracy +/-2.0%FS, -40° to 85°C
Aging Drift <0.5 %FS
Pressure Reference Vented/True Gauge
Operating Temperature 40° to +85°C
Storage Temperature 40° to +125°C


Family Full Scale Pressure Range l2C Address Mode Update Rate (valid for Update Mode Only)
8MPP2 01: 1 psig
05: 5 psig
U: Update Mode
S: Sleep Mode
0: 0.5 ms
1: 1.5 ms
2: 6.5 ms
3: 32.0 ms


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