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Part #CX380D5

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  • Standard SIP package
  • Ratings of 5 A @ 530 VAC
  • Back-to-back SCR output for heavy industrial loads
  • DC control
  • Zero Voltage Turn-On (resistive loads) output
  • UL, CSA and VDE certified, CE compliant to EN60950-1


Description Parameters
Operating Voltage (47-63Hz) [Vrms] 48-530
Transient Overvoltage [Vpk] 1200
Maximum Off-State Leakage Current @
Rated Voltage [mArms]
Minimum Off-State dv/dt @ Maximum
Rated Voltage [V/μsec]
Maximum Load Current [Arms] 5
Minimum Load Current [Arms] 0.06
Maximum Surge Current (16.6msec) [Apk] 250
Maximum On-State Voltage Drop @ Rated
Current [Vpk]
Maximum I² t for Fusing (8.3msec) [A² sec] 260
Minimum Power Factor (at Maximum load) 0.5
HP rating UL 508/IEC60947[HP/KW]: 240VAC 0.25/0.18
HP rating UL 508/IEC60947[HP/KW]: 380VAC 0.33/0.25
HP rating UL 508/IEC60947[HP/KW]: 480VAC NA


Description Parameters
Nominal Voltage 5 VDC
Control Voltage Range 4-15 VDC
Minimum Turn-On Voltage 4.0 VDC
Drop Out Voltage 1.0 VDC
Typical Input Current 15mAdc
Nominal Input Impedence 240 Ohm
Maximum Turn-On Time [msec] 1/2 Cycle
Maximum Turn-Off Time [msec] 1/2 Cycle


Description Parameters
Dielectric Strength, Input/Output (50/60Hz) 4000 Vrms
Minimum Insulation Resistance (@ 500
109 Ohm
Maximum Capacitance, Input/Output 10 pF
Ambient Operating Temperature Range -30 to 80 °C
Ambient Storage Temperature Range -30 to 125 °C
Weight (typical) 0.4 oz (11g)
Encapsulation Thermally Conductive Epoxy
Enclosure and PCB Meets the requirements of IEC60335-1