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Part #M-ODC5ML

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  • AC Modules have High Current Thyristors with 100 Amp
  • Surge Capability
  • Plug into mounting boards for 0.6” modules
  • Zero or Random Turn-On Available in AC Modules
  • 4kV Optical isolation (1500 VAC Isolation for FET DC Output Modules)
  • UL Recognized, CSA Certified, CE Compliant
  • Industry standard packaging and Color Coding Black (AC Output) Red (DC Output)


Part Number M-ODC5ML
Nominal Voltage [VDC] 5.0
Minimum Voltage [VDC] 2.75
Maximum Voltage [VDC] 8.0
Drop-out Voltage [VDC] 1.0
Maximum Current [mA] 18
Resistance [Ohms] 250
Part Number M-ODC5ML
Nominal Line Voltage 5-48 VAC
Minimum Line Voltage 50 VDC
Maximum Line Voltage 50 VDC
Max Off-State Voltage 50 VDC
Max Off-State Leakage 10 uA
Static Off-State dv/dt N/A
Maximum Rated On-State Current 1.0 A
Minimum On-State Current 10 mA
Max Surge Current 10 A
On-State Voltage Drop or Resistance 0.05 Ohms
Maximum Turn-On Time [msec] 1.0
Maximum Turn-Off Time [msec] 0.05
Input/Output Isolation Voltage 1500 Vrms
Input/Output Capacitance 8 pF
Operating Temperature Range -30 to 80°C
Storage Temperature Range -40 to 80°C
Line Frequency Range 47 to 63 Hz
Weight 1.1 oz. (31.2g)