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The DRH Series is a family of compact DIN Rail Mount, IEC standard based Solid State Contactors with ratings up to 20 Amps per channel at 600 VAC. The DRH Series is ideal for heating applications up to 20A per phase, and can also be used to control (start/stop) 3-phase motors of up to 5HP at 480 VAC. It is an effective solution for replacement of electromechanical contactors in commercial and industrial applications that require frequent switching.

DRH Series contactors have an innovative design that increases the air flow thus improving the thermal performance and feature over-temperature protection to avoid overheating in case of a fan malfunction. They are available in 2 different versions with ratings up to 18 Amps (3 controlled legs) or up to 20 Amps (2 controlled legs).

Additional features of the DRH Series include:

  • Built-in over-voltage protection
  • Alarm output in case of over-temperature
  • Enclosed heat sink, eliminating the need of providing earth connections
  • AC or DC control
  • Zero voltage and instantaneous turn-on output
  • Multicolor LED with input status and alarm indication
  • UL 100 kA Short Circuit Current Rating
  • C-UL-US listed and CE compliant
Part NumberControl Voltage RangeMaximum Load CurrentOperating Voltage Range
DRH3P60A1890-280 VAC/VDC18 A48-600 VAC
DRH3P60A18R90-280 VAC/VDC18 A48-600 VAC
DRH3P60A2090-280 VAC/VDC20 A48-600 VAC
DRH3P60A20R90-280 VAC/VDC20 A48-600 VAC
DRH3P60D184-32 VDC18 A48-600 VAC
DRH3P60D18R4-32 VDC18 A48-600 VAC
DRH3P60D204-32 VDC20 A48-600 VAC
DRH3P60D20R4-32 VDC20 A48-600 VAC

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