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The CKM Series is a family of 22.5mm wide DIN Rail Mount Solid State Relays with ratings from 10 to 30 Amps at 60 VDC. Their low leakage MOSFET output provides added reliability in commercial and heavy industrial applications.

Main features of the CKR Series DC Output relays include:

  • Slim 22.5mm (width) package
  • Flexible Control Voltage: 4-32 VDC
  • LED input status indicator
Part NumberControl Voltage RangeMaximum Load CurrentOperating Voltage Range
CKM06104-32 VDC10 A0-60 VDC
CKM06204-32 VDC20 A0-60 VDC
CKM06304-32 VDC30 A0-60 VDC

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