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The Nova22 DR22 Series is a family of 22.5mm wide DIN Rail Mount, high performing Solid State Relays with ratings up to 30 Amps at 200 VDC. These powerful and ready to use SSRs come with an integral heat sink, eliminating the need for complex thermal calculations. DR22 Series models are C-UL-US approved.

Other features of the Nova22 DR22 Series DC Output include:

  • DBC substrate for superior thermal performance
  • LED input status indicator
  • IP20 touch-safe housing
  • 1 kHz maximum PWM frequency
  • 3750 VAC optical isolation
Part Number Control Voltage Range Maximum Load Current Operating Voltage Range
DR2220D20U 4-32 VDC 20 A 1-200 VDC
DR2220D30U 4-32 VDC 30 A 1-200 VDC

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