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Sensata | Crydom SeriesOne DR family of DIN Rail mount Solid State Relays incorporate proprietary thermal management technology to achieve exceptional output ratings of 10 and 24 Amps in compact 11mm and 18mm wide housings.

These compact SSRs are ideal for use in heating, lighting or motion control applications where space may be limited, providing greater power density than other DIN Rail solid state relays.

SeriesOne DR SSRs are available in ratings of 3 to 24 Amps at 1-100 VDC.

Other features of SeriesOne DR DC output DIN Rail solid state relays are:

  • LED input status indicator
  • DC control input
  • Mosfet output
  • UL and C-UL listed, HP rated, CE and RoHS compliant
  • UL Class I and II, Division 2 approved, for use in hazardous locations
  • ATEX certified versions available
Part Number Control Voltage Range Maximum Load Current Operating Voltage Range
DR06D03 4-32 VDC 3 A 1-60 VDC
DR06D06 4-32 VDC 6 A 1-60 VDC
DR06D12 4-32 VDC 12 A 1-60 VDC
DR10D03 4-32 VDC 3 A 1-100 VDC
DR10D06 4-32 VDC 6 A 1-100 VDC
DR10D10 4-32 VDC 10 A 1-100 VDC
DR10D12 4-32 VDC 12 A 1-100 VDC
DR10D24 4-32 VDC 24 A 1-100 VDC

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