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The CW Series Panel Mount AC output Solid State Relays offer a back-to-back SCR output for reliable switching of commercial and heavy industrial loads. This type of high performing SSR is available with output ratings from 10 Amps up to 125 Amps at 24 to 660 VAC.

The CW Series panel mount solid state relay includes a removable IP20 touch-safe cover for added safety and is also available with zero voltage turn-on (for resistive loads) or instantaneous turn-on (for inductive loads) outputs.

Additional features of the CW Series panel mount SSRs include:

  • DBC substrate for superior thermal performance
  • 3-32 VDC, 18-36 VAC, 90-280 VAC and universal AC/DC control input options
  • LED input indicator
  • EMC compliant to Level 3
  • C-UL-US recognized, CE and RoHS compliant
Part NumberControl Voltage RangeMaximum Load CurrentOperating Voltage Range
CWA241090-280 VAC10 A24-280 VAC
CWA2410-1090-280 VAC10 A24-280 VAC
CWA2410E18-36 VAC10 A24-280 VAC
CWA2410H18-36 VAC10 A24-280 VAC
CWA2410P18-36 VAC10 A24-280 VAC
CWA2412590-280 VAC125 A24-280 VAC
CWA24125-1090-280 VAC125 A24-280 VAC
CWA24125E18-36 VAC125 A24-280 VAC
CWA24125P18-36 VAC125 A24-280 VAC
CWA242590-280 VAC25 A24-280 VAC
CWA2425-1090-280 VAC25 A24-280 VAC
CWA2425E18-36 VAC25 A24-280 VAC
CWA2425P18-36 VAC25 A24-280 VAC
CWA2425H18-36 VAC25 A24-280 VAC
CWA245090-280 VAC50 A24-280 VAC
CWA2450-1090-280 VAC50 A24-280 VAC
CWA2450E18-36 VAC50 A24-280 VAC
CWA2450H18-36 VAC50 A24-280 VAC
CWA2450P18-36 VAC50 A24-280 VAC
CWA249090-280 VAC90 A24-280 VAC
CWA2490-1090-280 VAC90 A24-280 VAC
CWA2490E18-36 VAC90 A24-280 VAC
CWA2490P18-36 VAC90 A24-280 VAC
CWA481090-280 VAC10 A48-660 VAC
CWA4810-1090-280 VAC10 A48-660 VAC
CWA4810E18-36 VAC10 A48-660 VAC
CWA4810P18-36 VAC10 A48-660 VAC
CWA4812590-280 VAC125 A48-660 VAC
CWA48125-1090-280 VAC125 A48-660 VAC
CWA48125E18-36 VAC125 A48-660 VAC
CWA48125E-1018-36 VAC125 A48-660 VAC
CWA48125P18-36 VAC125 A48-660 VAC
CWA482590-280 VAC25 A48-660 VAC
CWA4825-1090-280 VAC25 A48-660 VAC
CWA4825E18-36 VAC25 A48-660 VAC
CWA4825P18-36 VAC25 A48-660 VAC
CWA485090-280 VAC50 A48-660 VAC
CWA4850-1090-280 VAC50 A48-660 VAC
CWA4850E18-36 VAC50 A48-660 VAC
CWA4850H18-36 VAC50 A48-660 VAC
CWA4850P18-36 VAC50 A48-660 VAC
CWA489090-280 VAC90 A48-660 VAC
CWA4890-1090-280 VAC90 A48-660 VAC
CWA4890E18-36 VAC90 A48-660 VAC
CWA4890H18-36 VAC90 A48-660 VAC
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