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EL Series AC output solid state relays come in a compact, 21mm x 35mm housing and offer ratings up to 30 Amps. These compact SSRs come with a pre-installed thermal pad, input LED status indicator, optional built-in overvoltage protection, and are C-UL-US and TUV certified and CE compliant.

The EL Series mechanical design includes quick connect terminals and an innovative 90° bent terminals option ideal for applications with limited vertical space.

Additional features of the EL Series panel mount AC SSRs include:

  • Load current ratings from 5 to 30 Amps @ 24-280 VAC
  • Back-to-back SCR output with low off state leakage current
  • Flexible 5, 12 and 24 VDC control voltage options
  • Zero voltage or instantaneous turn-on outputs
  • Plastic housing with min. 250 CTI rating (PLC2) for demanding applications
Part NumberControl Voltage RangeMaximum Load CurrentOperating Voltage Range
EL240A10-054-8 VDC10 A24-280 VAC
EL240A10-1210-14 VDC10 A24-280 VAC
EL240A10-2421-27 VDC10 A24-280 VAC
EL240A10R-054-8 VDC10 A24-280 VAC
EL240A10R-1210-14 VDC10 A24-280 VAC
EL240A10R-2421-27 VDC10 A24-280 VAC
EL240A20-054-8 VDC20 A24-280 VAC
EL240A20-1210-14 VDC20 A24-280 VAC
EL240A20-2421-27 VDC20 A24-280 VAC
EL240A20R-054-8 VDC20 A24-280 VAC
EL240A20R-1210-14 VDC20 A24-280 VAC
EL240A20R-2421-27 VDC20 A24-280 VAC
EL240A30-054-8 VDC30 A24-280 VAC
EL240A30-05N4-8 VDC30 A24-280 VAC
EL240A30-05NP4-8 VDC30 A24-280 VAC
EL240A30-05P4-8 VDC30 A24-280 VAC
EL240A30-1210-14 VDC30 A24-280 VAC
EL240A30-12N10-14 VDC30 A24-280 VAC
EL240A30-12NP10-14 VDC30 A24-280 VAC
EL240A30-12P10-14 VDC30 A24-280 VAC
EL240A30-2421-27 VDC30 A24-280 VAC
EL240A30-24N21-27 VDC30 A24-280 VAC
EL240A30-24NP21-27 VDC30 A24-280 VAC
EL240A30-24P21-27 VDC30 A24-280 VAC
EL240A30R-054-8 VDC30 A24-280 VAC
EL240A30R-05N4-8 VDC30 A24-280 VAC
EL240A30R-1210-14 VDC30 A24-280 VAC
EL240A30R-12N10-14 VDC30 A24-280 VAC
EL240A30R-24N21-27 VDC30 A24-280 VAC
EL240A5-054-8 VDC5 A24-280 VAC
EL240A5-1210-14 VDC5 A24-280 VAC
EL240A5-2421-27 VDC5 A24-280 VAC
EL240A5R-054-8 VDC5 A24-280 VAC
EL240A5R-1210-14 VDC5 A24-280 VAC
EL240A5R-2421-27 VDC5 A24-280 VAC

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