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The Evolution Dual family of Panel Mount dual channel AC Solid State Relays is an innovative line which expands upon the classic family of Crydom Dual SSRs, offering an improved mechanical and thermal design along with higher power density. These dual output SSRs are available with ratings of 25 and 50 Amps at 24 to 600 VAC.

Evolution Dual SSRs have 2 outputs controlled by 2 independent DC control inputs, and they are available with different options for input connectors and output terminal configurations, offering great wiring flexibility. A version with an integrated protective cover (IP20) is also available.

Additional features of the Evolution Dual series SSRs include:

  • 4-32 VDC control input
  • Zero voltage turn-on outputs
  • SCR output for heavy industrial loads
  • Input status LED indicator for each channel
  • C-UL-US recognized, CE & RoHS compliant
Part NumberControl Voltage RangeMaximum Load CurrentOperating Voltage Range
CC2425W2U4-32 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
CC2425W2V4-32 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
CC2425W2VH4-32 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
CC2425W3U4-32 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
CC2425W3UH4-32 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
CC2425W3V4-32 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
CC2450W2U4-32 VDC50 A24-280 VAC
CC2450W2V4-32 VDC50 A24-280 VAC
CC2450W3U4-32 VDC50 A24-280 VAC
CC2450W3V4-32 VDC50 A24-280 VAC
CC2450W4U4-32 VDC50 A24-280 VAC
CC4825W2U4-32 VDC25 A48-600 VAC
CC4825W2UH4-32 VDC25 A48-600 VAC
CC4825W3V4-32 VDC25 A48-600 VAC
CC4850W2U4-32 VDC50 A48-600 VAC
CC4850W2V4-32 VDC50 A48-600 VAC
CC4850W2VH4-32 VDC50 A48-600 VAC
CC4850W3V4-32 VDC50 A48-600 VAC
CC4850W3VH4-32 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
CC4850W4U4-32 VDC50 A48-600 VAC
CC4850W4V4-32 VDC50 A48-600 VAC
CD2425W2U4-32 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
CD2425W2V4-32 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
CD2425W3U4-32 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
CD2425W3V4-32 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
CD2425W4U4-32 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
CD2425W4UH4-32 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
CD2450W2UH4-32 VDC50 A24-280 VAC
CD2450W2V4-32 VDC50 A24-280 VAC
CD2450W3UH4-32 VDC50 A24-280 VAC
CD2450W3V4-32 VDC50 A24-280 VAC
CD2450W4V4-32 VDC50 A24-280 VAC
CD4825W3V4-32 VDC25 A48-600 VAC
CD4825W4V4-32 VDC25 A48-600 VAC
CD4850W2U4-32 VDC50 A48-600 VAC
CD4850W2V4-32 VDC50 A48-600 VAC
CD4850W3U4-32 VDC50 A48-600 VAC
CD4850W3V4-32 VDC50 A48-600 VAC
CD4850W4U4-32 VDC50 A48-600 VAC
CD4850W4V4-32 VDC50 A48-600 VAC
CD4850W4VH4-32 VDC50 A48-600 VAC

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