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The GN Dual Series is a family of panel mounted dual channel AC Solid State Relays with reliable back-to-back SCR output and ratings of 25 and 40 Amps at 24 to 660 VAC.

Additional features of the GN Dual Series SSRs include:

  • 4000 VAC optical isolation
  • Zero voltage or instantaneous turn-on output
  • Optional input locking connector
  • Quick connect (faston) terminals
  • UL, CSA and TUV approved, CE compliant
Part NumberControl Voltage RangeMaximum Load CurrentOperating Voltage Range
841400004-15 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
8414001017-32 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
841401004-15 VDC40 A24-280 VAC
8414011017-32 VDC40 A24-280 VAC
841402004-15 VDC25 A48-660 VAC
8414021017-32 VDC25 A48-660 VAC
841403004-15 VDC40 A48-660 VAC
8414031017-32 VDC40 A48-660 VAC
841405004-15 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
8414050117-32 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
841405104-15 VDC40 A24-280 VAC
8414051117-32 VDC40 A24-280 VAC
841406004-15 VDC25 A48-660 VAC
8414060117-32 VDC25 A48-660 VAC
841406104-15 VDC40 A48-660 VAC
8414061117-32 VDC40 A48-660 VAC
841408004-15 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
8414080117-32 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
841408104-15 VDC40 A24-280 VAC
8414081117-32 VDC40 A24-280 VAC
841409004-15 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
8414090117-32 VDC25 A24-280 VAC
841409104-15 VDC40 A24-280 VAC
8414091117-32 VDC40 A24-280 VAC

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