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The H1 Series is a family of high voltage panel mounted AC Solid State Relays with ratings from 25 up to 125 Amps at 48 to 660 VAC. Their back-to-back SCR output is ideal for heavy industrlal loads.

Additional features of the H1 Series panel mount AC SSRs include:

  • DC control input
  • Low off-state leakage current (snubberless)
  • Zero voltage (resistive loads) or instantaneous (inductive loads) turn-on output
  • Optional LED input status indicator
  • UL, CSA and TUV approved and CE compliant to EN 609050-1
Part NumberControl Voltage RangeMaximum Load CurrentOperating Voltage Range
H12D481254-32 VDC25 A48-660 VAC
H12D48125-104-32 VDC25 A48-660 VAC
H12D48254-32 VDC50 A48-660 VAC
H12D4825-104-32 VDC50 A48-660 VAC
H12D48504-32 VDC75 A48-660 VAC
H12D4850-104-32 VDC75 A48-660 VAC
H12D48754-32 VDC90 A48-660 VAC
H12D4875-104-32 VDC90 A48-660 VAC
H12D48904-32 VDC25 A48-690 VAC
H12D4890-104-32 VDC25 A48-690 VAC
H12WD481254-32 VDC25 A48-690 VAC
H12WD48125-104-32 VDC25 A48-690 VAC
H12WD48254-32 VDC50 A48-690 VAC
H12WD4825-104-32 VDC50 A48-690 VAC
H12WD48504-32 VDC50 A48-690 VAC
H12WD4850-104-32 VDC50 A48-690 VAC
H12WD48754-32 VDC75 A48-690 VAC
H12WD4875-104-32 VDC75 A48-690 VAC
H12WD48904-32 VDC75 A48-690 VAC
H12WD4890-104-32 VDC75 A48-690 VAC
H16WD60254-32 VDC90 A48-690 VAC
H16WD6025-104-32 VDC90 A48-690 VAC
H16WD6025G4-32 VDC90 A48-690 VAC
H16WD6025G-104-32 VDC90 A48-690 VAC
H16WD60504-32 VDC125 A48-530 VAC
H16WD6050-104-32 VDC125 A48-530 VAC
H16WD6050G4-32 VDC25 A48-530 VAC
H16WD6050G-104-32 VDC25 A48-530 VAC
H16WD60754-32 VDC50 A48-530 VAC
H16WD6075-104-32 VDC50 A48-530 VAC
H16WD6075G4-32 VDC75 A48-530 VAC
H16WD6075G-104-32 VDC75 A48-530 VAC
H16WD60904-32 VDC90 A48-530 VAC
H16WD6090-104-32 VDC90 A48-530 VAC
H16WD6090G4-32 VDC125 A48-660 VAC
H16WD6090G-104-32 VDC125 A48-660 VAC

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