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The Series 1 is Sensata | Crydom signature family of Panel Mount AC output Solid State Relays with reliable back-to-back SCR output for heavy industrial loads. These SSRs are available with ratings from 10 Amps up to 125 Amps at 12 to 530 VAC.

Additional features of the Series 1 panel mount SSRs include:

  • DBC substrate for superior thermal performance
  • AC or DC control input
  • Zero voltage (resistive loads) or instantaneous (inductive loads) turn-on output
  • Optional LED input status indicator
  • UL, CSA and TUV approved and CE compliant to EN 609050-1
Part NumberControl Voltage RangeMaximum Load CurrentOperating Voltage Range
A121090-280 VAC10 A24-140 VAC
A1210-1090-280 VAC10 A24-140 VAC
A1210-B90-280 VAC10 A24-140 VAC
A1210E18-36 VAC10 A24-140 VAC
A1210E-1018-36 VAC10 A24-140 VAC
A1210ET18-36 VAC10 A24-140 VAC
A1210ET-1018-36 VAC10 A24-140 VAC
A1210T90-280 VAC10 A24-140 VAC
A1210T-1090-280 VAC10 A24-140 VAC
A122590-280 VAC25 A24-140 VAC
A1225-1090-280 VAC25 A24-140 VAC
A1225-B90-280 VAC25 A24-140 VAC
A1225E18-36 VAC25 A24-140 VAC
A1225E-1018-36 VAC25 A24-140 VAC
A1225ET18-36 VAC25 A24-140 VAC
A1225ET-1018-36 VAC25 A24-140 VAC
A1225T90-280 VAC25 A24-140 VAC
A1225T-1090-280 VAC25 A24-140 VAC
A124090-280 VAC40 A24-140 VAC
A1240-1090-280 VAC40 A24-140 VAC
A1240-B90-280 VAC40 A24-140 VAC
A1240E18-36 VAC40 A24-140 VAC
A1240E-1018-36 VAC40 A24-140 VAC
A1240ET18-36 VAC40 A24-140 VAC
A1240ET-1018-36 VAC40 A24-140 VAC
A1240T90-280 VAC40 A24-140 VAC
A1240T-1090-280 VAC40 A24-140 VAC
A241090-280 VAC10 A24-280 VAC
A2410-1090-280 VAC10 A24-280 VAC
A2410-B90-280 VAC10 A24-280 VAC
A2410E18-36 VAC10 A24-280 VAC
A2410E-1018-36 VAC10 A24-280 VAC
A2410ET18-36 VAC10 A24-280 VAC
A2410ET-1018-36 VAC10 A24-280 VAC
A2410T90-280 VAC10 A24-280 VAC
A2410T-1090-280 VAC10 A24-280 VAC
A2411090-280 VAC110 A24-280 VAC
A24110-1090-280 VAC110 A24-280 VAC
A24110-B90-280 VAC110 A24-280 VAC
A24110E18-36 VAC110 A24-280 VAC
A24110ET18-36 VAC125 A24-280 VAC
A24110T90-280 VAC125 A24-280 VAC
A24110T-1090-280 VAC125 A24-280 VAC
A2412590-280 VAC125 A24-280 VAC
A24125-1090-280 VAC125 A24-280 VAC
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