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The 1-DC Series Panel Mount DC Solid State Relays offer MOSFET type output with low On-State resistance for reliable and fast switching of DC loads. These DC output SSRs are available with ratings up to 100 Amps at 100 VDC and 10 Amps at 500 VDC.

The 1-DC Series panel mount DC SSRs also feature:

  • DC control input: 3.5-32 VDC
  • Epoxy-free design which reduces internal stress
  • EMC compliant to Level 3
  • High PWM switching capability (up to 5 kHz on selected models)
  • UL approved, CE compliant to EN60950-1
Part NumberControl Voltage RangeMaximum Load CurrentMaximum Operating Voltage
D1D073.5-32 VDC7 A100 VDC
D1D1003.5-32 VDC100 A100 VDC
D1D123.5-32 VDC12 A100 VDC
D1D203.5-32 VDC20 A100 VDC
D1D403.5-32 VDC40 A100 VDC
D1D603.5-32 VDC60 A100 VDC
D1D803.5-32 VDC80 A100 VDC
D2D073.5-32 VDC7 A200 VDC
D2D123.5-32 VDC12 A200 VDC
D2D403.5-32 VDC40 A200 VDC
D4D073.5-32 VDC7 A400 VDC
D4D123.5-32 VDC12 A400 VDC
D5D073.5-32 VDC7 A500 VDC
D5D103.5-32 VDC10 A500 VDC

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