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The DC60 Series are DC Solid State Relays with a cost effective bipolar transistor output in an industry standard panel mount package and ratings up to 7 Amps at 60 VDC.

Main features of the DC60 Series include:

  • Ratings from 3A to 7A @ 60 VDC
  • Flexible AC or DC control input
  • Normally Open or Normally Closed Output
Part NumberControl Voltage RangeMaximum Load CurrentOperating Voltage Range
DC60S33.5-32 VDC3 A60 VDC
DC60S3-B3.5-32 VDC3 A60 VDC
DC60S53.5-32 VDC5 A60 VDC
DC60S5-B3.5-32 VDC5 A60 VDC
DC60S73.5-32 VDC7 A60 VDC
DC60S7-B3.5-32 VDC7 A60 VDC
DC60SA390-280 VAC3 A60 VDC
DC60SA590-280 VAC5 A60 VDC
DC60SA790-280 VAC7 A60 VDC

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