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Sensata | Crydom ED Series Plug-in Solid State Relays come in an industry standard 12 x 29 mm plug-in package and they are an excellent option to replace traditional Electromechanical Relays in many applications due to their substantial performance advantages.

ED Series relays are available in a SPST N.O. configuration with output ratings of 1 to 5 Amps at 24 to 280 VAC and 5 to 10 Amps at 1 to 100 VDC. They are UL 508 recognized, IEC rated and CE compliant.

Additional features of the ED Series plug-in SSRs include:

  • Fit standard DIN rail and PCB mountable sockets
  • AC or DC control
  • LED input status indicator
Part NumberControl Voltage RangeMaximum Load CurrentOperating Voltage Range
ED06B590-140 VAC5 A1-48 VDC
ED06C518-32 VDC5 A1-48 VDC
ED06D55-15 VDC5 A1-48 VDC
ED06E518-36 VAC5 A1-48 VDC
ED06F548-72 VDC5 A1-48 VDC
ED10C1018-32 VDC10 A1-100 VDC
ED10C518-32 VDC5 A1-80 VDC
ED10D105-15 VDC10 A1-100 VDC
ED10D55-15 VDC5 A1-80 VDC
ED10E518-36 VAC5 A1-80 VDC
ED10F548-72 VDC5 A1-80 VDC
ED24B590-140 VAC5 A24-280 VAC
ED24B5R90-140 VAC5 A24-280 VAC
ED24C118.5-32 VDC1 A24-280 VAC
ED24C1R18.5-32 VDC1 A24-280 VAC
ED24C318.5-32 VDC3 A24-280 VAC
ED24C3R18.5-32 VDC3 A24-280 VAC
ED24C518.5-32 VDC5 A24-280 VAC
ED24C5R18.5-32 VDC5 A24-280 VAC
ED24D33-15 VDC3 A24-280 VAC
ED24D3R3-15 VDC3 A24-280 VAC
ED24D53-15 VDC5 A24-280 VAC
ED24D5R3-15 VDC5 A24-280 VAC
ED24E518-36 VAC5 A24-280 VAC
ED24E5R18-36 VAC5 A24-280 VAC
ED24F348-72 VDC3 A24-280 VAC

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