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All solid state relays emanate heat when operating, and depending on the amount of heat emitted they might need a heat sink to dissipate this heat into the surrounding ambient air. The use of heat sinks allows the solid state relay to operate properly and reliably for a very long time helping it maintain a suitable operating temperature.

Sensata | Crydom offers a wide variety of heat sinks for use with our single-phase and 3-phase panel mount solid state relays. With thermal impedance values ranging from 5°C/W to as low as 0.25°C/W, these heat sinks are suitable for mounting 1, 2 or 3 solid state relays handling a combined load current ranging from 10 Amps up to 100 Amps.

Heat sinks are available for mounting onto a panel or, depending on the model, into a standard 35mm DIN rail. Custom heat sinks and SSR/heat sink assemblies are also available upon request.

Part NumberThermal ResistanceTypeMounting
HS0230.25 ° C/WSingle or Three PhasePanel
HS0330.36 ° C/WSingle or Three PhasePanel
HS0530.5 ° C/WSingle or Three PhasePanel
HS0720.7 ° C/WSingle or Dual PhasePanel
HS0730.7 ° C/WSingle or Three PhasePanel
HS1011.0 ° C/WSingle or Dual PhasePanel
HS1031.0 ° C/WSingle or Three PhasePanel
HS103DR1.0 ° C/WSingle or Three PhaseDIN Rail

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